UV Poxy is a high performance 100% solids 2 component commercial grade epoxy formulated for bar tops and table tops which produces a high build crystal clear durable finish that will never yellow, fade, or crack over time. UV Poxy can endure extremely high traffic areas such as experienced by night clubs and restaurants.

UV Poxy is perfect for embedding mementos such as coins, photos or other memorabilia, it is also commonly used for see through encapsulation, the making of jewelry and much more. UV Poxy will self-level and can easily be built up to a depth of 1/4" thick layers (or more) if desired.

UV Poxy is specifically formulated to resist yellowing caused by sunlight and other ultra violet light sources and to resist scratching, water, and alcohol to provide a long lasting maintenance free protection for your surface.

UV Poxy is a crystal clear, brilliant surface that accentuates and magnifies the material below it.

UV Poxy is a product you can trust, and truly beautiful to behold.

UV POXY Benefits:

  • 100% Solids
  • Crystal Clear, high build finish
  • Self-Leveling, High Gloss
  • Extremely Durable
  • U.V. Resistant
  • Excellent Air Release Qualities
  • Excellent Color Stability
  • Wets out substrates well
  • Impact Resistant
  • Improves Surface Appearance
  • Tough Water Resistant Finish
  • Eliminates Craters, Crawling and Fish Eyes
  • Will not blush or sweat under high humidity
  • Maintains integrity over sharpe edges
  • Scratch Resilient & Maintenance Free
  • Will not yellow or distort with age.

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