Slip Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating System

EcoPoxy Coatings and EcoPoxy Grip Coat are required by many facilities with good reason, all facility’s, both commercial and industrial, are subject to the risks of a wet and slick floor. Our slip resistant floor coatings come in a variety of finishes, from fine to coarser textures, and can be employed according to your specific needs.

EcoPoxy Grip Coat slip resistant coating systems can help prevent slip and falls in the workplace. Since slip and falls are the most common accidents in a work place, it’s necessary to do everything possible to help make facility floors safe for workers. Reducing the risk of slip accidents in a facility is priority. In addition to maintaining the aesthetics of your floor, our anti-skid industrial concrete floor systems are formulated to work with your cleaning operations. EcoPoxy Grip Coat skid resistant floor solution options help contribute to your facility’s safety.

No matter your industry or the way that you use your space, EcoPoxy Grip Coat can significantly help reduce the risk of slip and fall events.