Pools & Aquariums Epoxy Coating Systems

EcoPoxy AquaPura is watertight, fish friendly and ideal for waterproofing and lining aquariums and swimming pools.

Our coatings were formulated from the outset to be tough, durable and easy to apply. But more importantly for fish related applications, they were also designed to be totally inert so that, once cured, they will not create any contamination or react with any other substances present.

EcoPoxy AquaPura coatings have no water-soluble components and do not leach any contaminants into water. Our coatings do not encourage algae growth at all and any natural algae surface deposits can be completely removed with ease. Extremely smooth in texture, our coatings will help to avoid or eliminate any damage to fish. Our coating solutions are built to last, withstand harsh wearing conditions, flex with the substrates they are applied to and avoid cracking, to be abrasion and chemical resistant and to be easy to clean.

EcoPoxy AquaPura swimming pool coatings are available in a full range of colors. Whether you opt for traditional blue or grey, you will enjoy a smooth, seamless finish that will stand the test of time. EcoPoxy AquaPura can be mixed with a number of aggregates to provide a perfect slip resistant finish which is waterproof, durable, hardwearing and appealing.