EcoPoxy Coatings preserve areas that incur frequent foot traffic and activity, facilities require a durable yet attractive epoxy coating. EcoPoxy industrial coatings demonstrate exceptional durability and are excellent for protecting:

  • Commercial laundry rooms: For laundry rooms in hotels, commercial laundry facilities, correctional facilities, laundromats, dry cleaners, hospitals and more
  • Waiting rooms and reception areas: For reception areas in hotels, medical offices, restaurants, government buildings and more
  • Dining rooms: For dining rooms in a variety of facilities, including schools, hospitals, restaurants, assisted living facilities, banquet halls, communal living spaces and more
  • Lobbies and atriums: For lobby areas in public buildings, shopping venues, banks, hospitals, office complexes and more
  • Locker, shower and changing rooms: For areas in schools, research sites, manufacturing plants, hospitals and more
  • Stairwells: For stairwell areas in hospitals, schools, universities, office complexes, parking garages and more
  • Warehouse and storage areas: For storage areas that need special protection from chemicals, acids and more
  • Public restrooms: For food handling, healthcare, manufacturing, schools, stadiums, theaters, public buildings and other structures
  • Corridors and hallways: For schools, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, universities, government buildings, arenas, entertainment venues, science laboratories and other private and public spaces
  • Parking garages: For high rises, office buildings, shopping malls and more
  • Swimming Pools and Aquariums: For ponds, fountains, hatcheries and more
  • Potable Water Coatings: For Containment tanks, reservoirs, fire suppression tanks and more
  • Basement Waterproofing: For Basement floors, walls and more