Industrial, Manufacturing & Warehouses

Manufacturing facility’s industrial flooring has to be tough, chemical-resistant and easy to clean. EcoPoxy industrial floor coatings meet all these requirements and more. No matter the type of manufacturing your facility performs, we have the durable concrete floor coatings to do the job. EcoPoxy Coatings provide consistent industrial flooring durability and performance. That’s why we formulate our flooring solutions to specifically handle the rigorous demands of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, assembly lines, machine shops, factories and other places of heavy production.

Warehouse and storage facilities often need flooring that can handle heavy loads and impact. EcoPoxy Coatings durable and hard-wearing industrial epoxy coating systems provide the ideal flooring solution. Our line of high-performing epoxy floor solutions provides optimal systems that meet many unique requirements. EcoPoxy Coatings broad range of products enables facilities to meet varying needs and provide engineered protection.