Hospitality & Entertainment

Flooring systems in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hospitality facilities must be exceptionally durable, easy to clean, safe and skid-resistant while providing an updated decor and design flexibility. EcoPoxy Floor Coatings do all of this and more, making them ideal for commercial facilities of all types. Our epoxy floor coatings for hospitality employ colored chips, colored quartz blends, or metallic powders that can add interest, texture, color and patterns to areas accessible to facility guests. EcoPoxy Floor Coatings for hospitality industry facilities can help re-define a space with long durability, while protecting you and the environment.

Day to day operations within a facilities work space areas can easily become wet and slippery, for worker safety and a skid-resistant flooring is a must. The balance of ideal slip-resistance with distinct clean ability, make it easy to maintain a safe workspace for staff. EcoPoxy Floor Coatings for hospitality are resistant to harsh disinfectants, industrial cleaning solutions, temperature cycling from coolers and thermal shock when freezers are defrosted. EcoPoxy Floor Coatings formulas easily maintain finishes that resist stains, chemical damage and heavy foot-traffic, keeping your flooring looking great for long term use.