Floor Coating

ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT is an excellent protective coating for high traffic floors because of its high chemical and wear resistant properties. It can be installed over existing coatings that are well bonded and properly prepared and concrete surfaces.

ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT is an attractive floor finish that maintains a low sheen appearance over time. It makes floors easier to clean and prevents concrete dusting.

By installing ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT your traffic surface has the strength it needs to stand up to extreme pressure and heavy use. This industrial strength commercial grade concrete floor coating system helps ensure that the integrity of your concrete slab is protected in harsh conditions.

This unique, eco-friendly 100% solids 2 component high build epoxy when mixed creates cross linking molecules that greatly increase hardness and durability while chemically etching itself into the surface producing a permanent bond.

A single application creates a superior smooth gloss, seam free surface for long term durability!

ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT is uniquely suited to garages, residential, industrial, and institutional requirements for protection of concrete floor surfaces.

ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT offers unequalled performance in a wide variety of categories including adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance, wear resistance and is 100% waterproof.

ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT when applied fills in rough areas, low spots and cracks in a single application creating a superior smooth gloss uniform seam free surface for long term durability

ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT is low odor, low VOC’s and Non Toxic. It is acceptable for where heavy traffic, corrosive chemicals, impacts and abrasions are present. This combination of environmental and performance properties make it a favorite of Architects and Property Managers

ECOPOXY FLOOR COAT is a new generation of floor finish that produces excellent results without harming you or the environment. This formulation is testimony to its high performance and long term durability.

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