Whether Commercial, Industrial or Residential concrete floors. Choosing the right joint filling and patching product has a major impact on your facility. ECO-TROWEL Mix will assist in the preservation of your floor slab structural integrity and overall safety.

Having the right concrete floor patching product for the job is critical!

ECO-TROWEL Mix is designed for patching and repairing of hairline cracks, spalls, divots, and concrete irregularities. It is easily mixed and trowels with a peanut butter like consistency with ease and control leaving a smooth cosmetic finish. Exhibits the ability to be molded or used on vertical and overhead surfaces without sagging and will not shrink when cured. ECO-TROWEL Mix is easily sanded and can be primed and coated.

ECO-TROWEL Benefits:

  • 100% Waterproof, Chemical Resistant, Impact Resistant and High Adhesion
  • Can be primed and coated
  • Superior strength and flexibility
  • Spreads easily and remains in place
  • Won’t sag, drag or pull
  • No shrinking when cured
  • Use on flat, vertical or overhead surfaces

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