EcoPoxy Clear Coating

ECOPOXY Clear Coating is a glossy clear floor coatings that is light resistant, UV stable and non-yellowing. This versatile flooring solution is ideal for many functions in different locations while providing superior durability and chemical resistance. A variety of slip-resistant aggregate may be incorporated making it a safe option or color chips for a decorative option in many different locations.

ECOPOXY CLEAR COAT is utilized regularly in commercial, industrial and institutional environments where a clear see-through coating is required, such as:

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Vet Clinics and Kennels

Laboratory, Research and Educational Settings

Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

Offices, Concourses and Public Spaces

ECOPOXY CLEAR COAT is low odor, low VOC’s and Non Toxic. It is acceptable for use where heavy traffic, corrosive chemicals, impacts and abrasions are present. It delivers excellent hardness, durability and is 100% water proof. This combination of environmental and performance properties make it a favorite of Architects and Property Managers.

ECOPOXY Clear Coating Benefits:

  • Low Odor, Low VOC’s, Non Toxic
  • Commercial and Industrial Quality
  • Will not adhere to hot tires
  • 100% water proof long term
  • Excellent chemical resistance and hardness
  • High Adhesion
  • Self-Priming on most surfaces
  • Good clarity and gloss retention
  • Self-leveling finish
  • Resist cracking, peeling and chipping
  • Acceptable for motorized traffic
  • Results in high quality, long lasting beautiful appearance
  • Can be walked on within 48 hours

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