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A Few Facts About Us...

ECOPOXY Coatings are manufactured by ECOPOXY, a leader in the research and development of high bio content epoxy resins.

Our product production, and epoxy surfacing solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications are state of the art.

Extensive laboratory and field tests, combined with years of satisfied customer use, have proven ECOPOXY Coatings to be an unparalleled high value and high performance surfacing solution.


Jack Maendel

CEO & General Manager

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Randy Dearborn

Sales & Customer Support

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Cheryl Zilkie


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Brian Maendel

Orders & Shipping

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Vision, Strategy and Values

Our vision is to be the leading coatings company by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to protect and beautify their products and surroundings. This vision will guide us on our journey toward our common goals and principals.

To achieve this vision, we must:
  • Act with integrity at all times and be true to our values and ethics.
  • Deliver consistent sales and earnings growth.
  • Develop innovative products to meet future needs.
  • Work safely, protect the environment and support the communities where we operate.


The company has flourished under the leadership of Jack Maendel requiring extensive expansion of Research and Development, in house chemist, composites testing laboratories and manufacturing facilities, as well as the establishment of a new office, finished goods warehouses and distributor outlets.

Today, our growth continues and with our ever increasing capacity, we are expanding globally.


Our diverse work force enables the ECOPOXY TEAM to meet challenges quickly, creatively and effectively. This is a prerequisite to our future success in global markets. Clearly, diversity provides ECOPOXY with a competitive advantage in serving the needs of increasingly diverse customers in a virtually ever changing market.

EcoPoxy Coatings are the #1 choice
for Developers and Architects!

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